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One Word at a Time

The basic idea is to have a simple platform open to everyone for voting on the issues that matter. The issues from the news are distilled to a single word or two to prevent TL;DR effect.

More Details

  • Words are grouped into stories in their respective categories
  • Words are collected from today's news on the Internet
  • Stories are updated roughly every two hours
  • All words are open for voting for only one day (till midnight EST)
  • Story comments are open for only one day too
  • If you want to undo your vote, just click the same vote button again
  • Votes are adjusted at the end of each day to minimize the effect of vote cheating
  • You may notice that there are also stories from 2015 - those are from our beta days, with zero votes of course!

Alternatively you may go to the U page and vote for the words submitted by other users. Or you may add your own words and links here and affect what words are promoted to the U page there.

If you think this site can be improved, you can always leave a comment in the comments section with your suggestions.

The project has just started and there can be all kinds of glitches including data loss or corruption. That would be not intentional and we apologize in advance. We are also aware that all kind of hackers are around the corner and they may be smarter than us. We'll see.

Now you may choose a category above (News, Sports, etc.) and start voting. Good luck!

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  • Comments cannot be edited/removed once submitted
  • User password recovery is not supported

You may drop us a note at "unowordo" at "".